Splash Lagoon

Aqua Tumbler

The Aqua Tumbler, located inside Wild Waters Wave Pool, is a giant rolling ball of awesome wet and wild fun! It will catapult you in an endless looping inversion, turning your world upside down and all around! It's a thrill! 

Aqua Tumbler
One Ride Admission
$7.00 Per Person 

Aqua Tumbler Requirements:

  • Proper Swimwear is required.
  • No rivets, zippers, buckles, buttons, jewelry or other sharp objects.
  • 1 Rider may ride at a time.
  • Minimum Height: 4 ft
  • Maximum Weight Individual: 275 lb

Admission to the water park is required. The Aqua Tumbler Rotating Barrel Ride is not suitable to be ridden by people with any form of health or medical conditions that could be made worse by the risks and/or hazards associated with the "Barrel Ride." The Accelerations and motions associated with the "Barrel Ride" may endanger the health or cause discomfort or worsening of conditions for people with the following: high blood pressure, heart conditions, head injuries, skeletal or muscular injuries, epilepsy, pregnancy or back injuries. 

Download Aqua Tumbler Waiver