By Carolyn Tome | December 8, 2022

Karla and her family are long-time Splash Lagoon visitors, which is now a 15-year Thanksgiving tradition! The very first year they came to the park was 2007, only 4 years after Splash Lagoon officially opened their doors. At the time, her oldest child, Hunter, was 3 years old while her youngest child, Ryland, was just 8 months old. During their first visit, Karla’s family spent most of their time in the kiddie area. The adults took turns watching the kids so they could spend some time riding the slides themselves.

With our brand-new renovation recently completed over the summer, we wondered how Karla’s most recent visit to Splash Lagoon differed from years prior. She told us, “The park has definitely changed throughout the years with the upgrades to the kiddie area, wave pool, rope climb, and FlowRider. This year was even better with the new Splash Pad where the Frog Pond was and the upgrade of the new smaller slides that are around, as we call it, the ‘dump bucket.’”

Their family’s favorite memories are watching the kids play in the park’s different areas. The kids always have fun and enjoy meeting new people. Every year, they try to have friends and family join them on their trip. As soon as they arrive at the park, everyone gathers together so they can take their traditional Splash Lagoon group picture. Karla loves seeing how everyone has grown up through these pictures!

After a fun day at the park, the group retreats to Hooch & Blotto’s, the restaurant connected to the park, where they have their annual Thanksgiving meal. Karla says they love the park “just the way it is.” Her family’s favorite attractions are the Big Kahuna, Wave Pool, Flow Rider, and Cyclone.


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