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Attractions at Splash Lagoon

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Welcome to beautiful Splash Lagoon! Here, it is always 84 degrees and always paradise. Splash Lagoon was rated the 4th best water park in the United States according to a USA Today poll in 2018. Whether you’re 5, 15, or 50, Splash Lagoon has an attraction that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Between the 3 hot tubs (1 designated for adults), the 7 thrilling water slides, the Tiki Tree House, the Monkey Shines Island Children’s Area, the arcade, and the wave pool — there’s plenty to do and so much to explore!
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Slides & Pools

Monkey Shines Island

Recently redone, this area is perfect for little children. This area features 3 slides, pint-sized slides, and mini tipping buckets all in a shallow pool filled with plenty of activities to keep the kiddies busy. (height restrictions apply)

Big Kahuna

Right from the beginning get drenched in the Big Kahuna! Featuring twists n turns so gnarly they take you out of the building!

The Frog Pond

The perfect pool to relax in and enjoy the jets while the kids play in the colorful leapfrog fountains found throughout the frog pond.

Hurricane Hole

Ready to go fast? The Hurricane Hole gets you going up to 40 mph before circling you around in a huge bowl that shoots you down feet first into a deep water landing pool.

The Tiki Tipping Bucket

You can’t miss the Tiki Tipping Bucket, it’s the focal point of the entire water park as it is perched 48 ft. up in the air, dumping over 1,000 gallons of water on everyone below. Listen for the horn to hurry there, or hurry away!

The Lazy River

Enjoy a lazy float around the water park while watching local art along the way. All you have to do is to avoid the waterfall!

Black Hole

Dive into darkness at the Black Hole Water Slide right from the top of the Tiki Tree House, where it stays pitch black all the way to the pool below.

Maui Wowie

Also found on the top of the Tiki Tree House, the Maui Wowie water slide will make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster, except with water!

Python Plunge

Grab a raft and head over to the Python Plunge where you will be splashed and thrashed all the way down to the bottom. Or use a tandem tube for double the fun!

Shark Attack

With a surprise around every turn, enjoy the Shark Attack water slide that even takes you through a tube outside the building!

Tiki Tree House

Have fun climbing through the five story tree house with 12 levels of activities complete with enough water to drench anyone in your path! Plus, you’ll love what you find at the top…

Wild Waters Wave Pool

The largest indoor wave pool in the Eastern United States! Ages 2 to 92 will enjoy the 200,000 gallon wave pool with waves reaching up to 6 feet tall!


Get launched into a massive bowl of spinning water, where you get spun around 4 times before getting hurled into a pool!

The Lava Pool

Fun for everyone, relax in the lava pool while the kids have fun playing in the lava!

Adventure Bay

Have fun playing basketball and jumping across lily pads in this giant 4 foot pool. There’s never a dull moment down in Adventure Bay!

Add-On Attractions


Wow, 6,000 square feet of games, what could be better? The only thing we could t…

Aqua Tumbler

The Aqua Tumbler, located beside the Wild Waters Wave Pool, is a giant rolling b…

Tree Tops Rope Course

Climb three stories up above the water park on rickety bridges, tight ropes, bal…

Hologate Virtual Reality

Be transported to a new world where you can battle robots, dragons, zombies, or…


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