The MOST ICONIC indoor surf machine ride in ERie, Pa



An indoor bodyboard and surf machine!

Surf’s up! Experience the thrill of the all-new FlowRider Indoor Surf Machine at Splash Lagoon! Hop on a board and feel the rush of riding a wave, no ocean required! Our dedicated instructors will be onsite to teach you how to bodyboard across the rushing water. Once you’re ready, you can learn how to spin, flip and eventually surf!

The FlowRider’s expansive trampoline-like surface allows for two simultaneous riders at a time and accommodates as many as 200 riders an hour. Guests are also invited to participate in our FlowRider Light Nights! Starting at dusks, the FlowRider will light up with a mesmerizing display of lights that pulse and sync with music. It’s surfing like you’ve never seen before!

The best part? The opportunity to ride the FlowRider is included with water park admission! Participants must be a minimum of 42” to bodyboard and a minimum of 48” to surf (stand).

Three boys sitting inside Aqua Tumbler
Three boys sitting inside Aqua Tumbler


Are lessons available?

Each rider on the FlowRider will receive guidance and advice from a helpful surf instructor. Splash Lagoon plans to eventually offer private surf lessons with reserved time on the attraction and guidance from a dedicated surf instructor guiding you through multiple skills. More information will soon be available on private surf lessons at the FlowRider.

When can I stand or surf on the FlowRider?

Standing or surfing on the FlowRider is an advanced skill, which may require several visits or the completion of a private surf lesson. Standing or surfing is only permitted while the ride is operating with one rider at a time. If the FlowRider is operating with two riding lanes, standing will not be permitted. Those especially interested in learning to surf are encouraged to sign up for a personal surf lesson.

How many people can ride the FlowRider at once?

The FlowRider at Splash Lagoon is built to accommodate two riders as they kneel on the bodyboard. In times when there are less riders waiting for the FlowRider, the barrier may be removed between the two riding lanes to create one large riding lane. With this larger lane configuration, only one rider is allowed on the attraction at a time, though standing and surfing will be permitted.

What happens if I fall off the board?

Splash Lagoon’s surf machine is built by the industry’s leading company, FlowRider. Our FlowRider features a trampoline-like tensioned fabric surface below the rushing water which minimizes the force of your impact. The force of the rushing water will quickly push you and the board up the wave and into a secure Recovery Area at the top of the attraction.

What does it cost to ride the FlowRider?

There is no additional cost to ride the FlowRider, the ride is included with your admission to the water park.

How long will I be able to ride the FlowRider?

The FlowRider experience allows for a minimum ride of 45 seconds. Depending on your ability level, you may be able to ride the FlowRider for 60 to 120 seconds. There’s no limit to the number of times you may ride the FlowRider within your visit.

Regardless of time, if you fall while on the ride three times – your experience will be done.

What can I expect for my first experience?

Upon your first visit to the FlowRider, you will be guided through your experience by our helpful surf instructors. They will show you how to position yourself on a bodyboard, then help you enter the surf zone. For your first ride, you’ll begin kneeling on a bodyboard and will focus on learning to balance and maneuver the wave. As you progress, you will soon learn to perform spins and flips on the bodyboard. Eventually, you may learn to stand and surf on the more advanced flowboard.

Who can ride the FlowRider?

The FlowRider has a minimum height requirement of 42” for the bodyboard (kneeling). You must be at least 48″ to attempt surfing (standing). There is no need to have experience surfing, our helpful surf instructors will guide you through your first experience on the wave.

FlowRider Requirements

  • Proper swimwear is required.
  • No rivets, zippers, buckles, buttons, jewelry or other sharp objects.
  • 1 Rider may ride at a time.
  • Minimum Height: 42 INCHES (KNEELING), 48 INCHES (STANDING)
  • Maximum Weight Individual: 275 lb
  • FlowRider hours of operation are subject to change. Please check with the water park front desk for operating hours.

Additional Information

Admission to the water park is required. The FlowRider is not suitable to be ridden by people with any form of health or medical conditions that could be made worse by the risks and/or hazards. The accelerations and motions may endanger the health or cause discomfort or worsening of conditions for people with the following: high blood pressure, heart conditions, head injuries, skeletal or muscular injuries, epilepsy, pregnancy or back injuries. 


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