Treasure Island Arcade

6,000 square feet of fun!

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Treasure Island Arcade

Open To The PUBLIC – Water Park Admission Not Required!

One of the biggest and best arcades in the Erie region, the Treasure Island Arcade is a great way to spend your time before or after having fun in the water park! There are plenty of games (over 100!) with many offering tickets that you can redeem for a variety of great prizes! Admission to the water park is not required, so even if you are staying nearby, feel free to stop over and have a blast at Treasure Island!

Be sure check out one of our signature arcade attractions, the XD Dark Ride! This immersive gaming theater will have you feeling like you’re actually in the video game with 3D graphics, motion gaming seats, realistic rumbles and shakes, interactive controls, wind effects, and more!

Our newest VR attraction is Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride! Choose from 6 different tracks and feel the thrill as you ride along with the whacky Rabbids on their fast-paced adventures.

Afterward, explore a whole new world with Hologate Virtual Reality! The specialized virtual reality game allows you to move your body and interact with realistic games — all while advanced technology reduces motion sickness and keeps the game fun for all! Battle zombies, explore a winter wonderland, and more!

Whether you love racing games, games of chance, or sports games like shooting basketballs; we have something for everyone here at the Treasure Island Arcade. Stop by at the arcade that overlooks the water park to have some fun, win some prizes, and have a bite to eat.

Open In Conjunction with Splash Lagoon


A wild VR amusement adventure

Ride, fly, and soar with the whacky Rabbids on our newest VR attraction – Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride! Choose from 6 premium ride tracks and enjoy fast-paced and hilarious antics for the whole family!

One Ride – $5 Per Person

Girl wearing Hologate VR headset

The XD Dark Ride Gaming Theater


Our new XD DARK RIDE Gaming Theater will have you feeling like you’re actually inside a video game!

With realistic motion and effects, the XD Dark Ride is like a 3D video game that unfolds on a speeding roller coaster ride! Get ready to battle enemies as your chair moves, rumbles, and vibrates in real-time. You’ll even feel the wind blowing across you as you fly through realistic cities, speed down a haunted roller coaster or jump upon a train as it’s racing down the tracks.

Several different game themes are available on the XD Theater. Preview these game experiences with the trailers below! 

One game – $9 Per Person

Hologate Virtual Reality

Transport Yourself to a New World

Hologate is a multiplayer virtual reality attraction that transports players into a new dimension. Once the players put on the headsets, the advanced technology creates a realistic experience unlike any other. It is a fully immersive game that is suitable for players of any age or skill level.

Hologate offers multiple games that are easy to learn but difficult to master. The players are transported to a new world where they could be battling robots and dragons, having a snowball fight or fighting off zombies.

The games can accommodate teams up to 4 players in a physically engaging experience. Hologate creates a unique and realistic environment with revolutionary technology that eliminates motion sickness. Play today in the Treasure Island Arcade!

One game – $7 Per Person

Girl wearing Hologate VR headset


Lowest value item will be free

Girl wearing Hologate VR headset

Treasure Island Ice Cream Parlor

Snacks, Sweets & Treats!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to Splash Lagoon’s new Ice Cream Parlor in Treasure Island Arcade! Enjoy frozen delights from Hershey’s Ice Cream, including hand-scooped ice cream and creamy milkshakes. Or, check out our wide selection of candies and sweet treats! 

Paid admission to the water park is not required. Treasure Island Arcade and the Ice Cream Parlor are open to the public!

Gemstone Mining

Collect Precious Treasures!

Kids will love searching for rare gemstones and precious treasures at Splash Lagoon Gemstone Mining, located within the Treasure Island Arcade. Purchase a bag filled with hidden items, then open the bag and place the contents into a special container and pan for gold and gemstones as rushing water reveals your treasures! You’ll be able to keep whatever you uncover!

Girl wearing Hologate VR headset


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