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Hard at Work: Splash Lagoon’s Annual Maintenance Shutdown

For twenty three days this September, Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort will be closed while our park employees make improvements and provide your favorite indoor waterpark with some TLC.

Each year, Splash Lagoon schedules a maintenance period in the fall when the waterpark is completely closed to guests. During this time, almost all of the water is drained from the various water attractions and features while equipment is tuned, surfaces are painted, new signage is applied and any on-going issues are addressed.

In a fun twist this year, we’ve separated employees into several task teams – each of which have been assigned corresponding characters from Super Smash Bros! These teams allow our employees to collaborate outside of their traditional atmosphere which, in turn, leads to a deeper appreciation and understanding of each other’s roles on our Splash Lagoon team.

Follow along as we introduce just a few of these ten teams.

Painting and Resurfacing. Team Splatoon and Team Koopa Troopa are responsible for painting and resurfacing any area of the park that needs a pop of fresh color. Whether it’s the Wild Waters Wave Pool, floors, lazy river, Lava Pool, etc. they’ve got you covered! This team will be working all day in order to strip old paint from the grounds and will then re-cover it with a fresh new coat for you all to enjoy when we reopen!

All Things Slides. Picture this – you’re sliding down the Black Hole coming in full speed ahead before you finally plunge into the water with waves splashing everywhere. Who do you thank for this thrilling experience? Donkey Kong and the Ice Climbers of course! These two teams are working hard ensure every element of the water slides are in great conditions and the surfaces are waxed on our slides to provide you have the smoothest slide to the bottom. You can also thank team Donkey Kong for the beautiful Upper
Mezzanine level outside of the arcade!

Cleaning/Power Washing. Team Sonic is busy blasting through the waterpark while they deep clean nearly every inch of the water park. They will be cleaning all of the pools, floors, and anywhere else you can possibly imagine!

Phones. Worried you can’t get a hold of us during shutdown? Well, we’d like to introduce you to Team Banjo & Kazooie! This team is dedicated to answering any questions you may have about hours of operation, opening, shutdown, etc.

We are so grateful for our guest’s patience throughout this month but, most importantly, want to thank our hard-working employees for being all hands on deck for these few weeks. We couldn’t do it without you!



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