Are lessons available?

Yes! Each & every rider on the FlowRider will receive guidance and advice from a helpful surf instructor. If you are interested in a more personalized experience, Splash Lagoon is now offering private surf lessons with 60 minutes of reserved time on the...

When can I stand or surf on the FlowRider?

Standing or surfing on the FlowRider is an advanced skill, which may require several visits or the completion of a private surf lesson. Standing or surfing is only permitted while the ride is operating with one rider at a time. If the FlowRider is operating with two...

How many people can ride the FlowRider at once?

The FlowRider at Splash Lagoon is built to accommodate two riders as they kneel on the bodyboard. In times when there are less riders waiting for the FlowRider, the barrier may be removed between the two riding lanes to create one large riding lane. With this larger...

What happens if I fall off the board?

Splash Lagoon’s surf machine is built by the industry’s leading company, FlowRider. Our FlowRider features a trampoline-like tensioned fabric surface below the rushing water, which minimizes the force of your impact. The force of the rushing water will quickly push...

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