By Hannah Ziccardi | October 6, 2023

Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort was recently closed this past September of 2023 for refurbishments and maintenance to keep the park in pristine condition for years to come!

It is extremely important for the Resort to take this time to freshen up and bring life back to the park. Our dedicated team went the extra mile to ensure all attractions are at their best. Now that we are back open… We are excited to show all that our team has accomplished!

Plenty of Painting

  • The team wasted no time getting started on the water park refurbishments. They applied a fresh coat of paint to The Lazy River, Hurricane Hole, Wave Pool beach, Tree House piping, and rock displays. Additionally, they ensured that the flooring throughout the entire park received a touch-up to eliminate any chipped paint.


  • Managing small repairs can be challenging when the park is bustling with visitors. That’s why our annual shutdown is so valuable! During this time, the maintenance crew effectively addressed various issues throughout the park, including fixing minor water leaks, plumbing, patching up tubes, replacing light bulbs, pumps, filters, and more!

Slide TLC

  • We all want a smooth riding experience at Splash, and that wouldn’t be possible without waxing and buffing! Inspections took place, looking for any impurities on all slides and attractions, and repairs were made where necessary. Now, it’s your chance to speed down the slides and have a great time!

Sprucing & Sparkling

  • Taking care of our beloved Water Park is no small feat, but we’re always up for a challenge! Our dedicated team put in the extra effort to get everything in tip-top shape. From power washing the Tree House to scrubbing all staircases and carpets, we made sure every nook and cranny was left sparkling.

Splash Lagoon’s annual shutdown is an essential step taken to ensure safety, quality, and enjoyment for all of our guests A big thank you to our hardworking employees and maintenance team for putting in the elbow grease to ensure your safety and enjoyment. We’re thrilled to welcome you back to a refreshed and revitalized Splash Lagoon for another year of fun! Book your visit here!


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