Instructors talking to a group of kids

Splash Lagoon was thrilled to be one of 500 pools and waterparks to participate in the 10th anniversary of the World’s Largest Swim Lesson held on Thursday, June 20, 2019 across the world. Children from the Sisters of Mercy Community Outreach Center in Erie participated in the lesson to help reach a new world record.

The event was sponsored by the World Waterpark Association and the American Red Cross with a goal to spread awareness about safe swimming, drowning prevention and the importance of swim lessons on a local, national and global level. In the past nine years, more than 139,250 man hours of water safety training has been provided by the World’s Largest Swim Lesson in 48 countries across the world.

The children from Sisters of Mercy Community Outreach Center learned swimming basics and best practices for staying safe in and near the water. At Splash Lagoon we want to have fun in the water, but also stress the importance of staying safe and learning to swim. Teaching children to swim is a vital skill and plays a major part in preventing accidental drowning. There are other important skills that were taught during the lesson to keep children safe in and around the water, such as, wearing sunscreen, look for signs and follow the rules and what to do in case of an emergency.

After the lesson, the children from the Sisters of Mercy Community Outreach Center were provided lunch and free admission to Splash Lagoon for the afternoon to play and test out their new skills. Safety is a major priority at Splash Lagoon and we are proud of be a part of an event that promotes such an important message.


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