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Here’s the Lowdown at the Lagoon!

Water quality is extremely important and something we take very seriously at Splash Lagoon. Water quality not only ensures that guests have a memorable experience, but a safe one as well. To ensure the best experience our water is tested every hour. The team tests the water for the appropriate levels of chlorine and pH in the water and rotates between testing in the pump room and poolside.

When the water is being tested, the samples are taken from areas where the water is moving and below the surface to receive an accurate reading of chemical levels. If the chemical readings are not at the appropriate level, a pool may be cleared for a period of time until the readings return to the proper level.

During nonoperating hours, our pools are shocked and backwashed to make sure that the pools are operating at their optimal level. Shocking the pools makes sure that there is the correct amount of chlorine in the water after heavy pool usage. A large number of swimmers can change the level of chemicals in a pool, and this process returns chemicals to optimal levels.

Backwashing the pool, reverses the flow of water through the filtration system to dislodge any debris and contaminants in the water. Backwashing is essential for the pool and filters to operate effectively and keep the water clean for our guests to enjoy.

At Splash Lagoon, guest safety and water quality are our priority. We want our guests to have a fun, safe and memorable experience; exceptional water quality is one of the ways we obtain that goal.


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